Meineke Car Care Franchise Growth Opportunities

Because of the rapidly growing car industry, the number of Meineke Car Care Centers we have across the nation could easily grow without infringing on another franchisee’s territory. Our company is made up of nearly 1,000 car repair franchise locations but still has considerable room to grow. In fact, you can contribute to increasing the brand’s stronghold by nearly doubling the size of our presence.

Speak to a Regional Franchise Manager

Our company assigns Regional Franchise Development Managers to each region so every potential franchisee is treated with care and diligence. Currently, Meineke franchise locations are in the United States, Canada, and other international
countries. The majority of these are located in the US which we divide into the following regions:

  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • Midwest
  • West Coast
  • Canada


Single or Multi-Unit Development Opportunities

If you plan on operating your own car repair franchise, choosing a company which affords you the opportunity for growth can propel your decision forward. We offer single and multi-unit development opportunities and expansion options into the other brands in the Meineke family.

At Meineke Car Care Centers, we encourage and support individual and multi-unit franchise opportunities. For those who qualify and have the operational and financial acumen to successfully develop and operate regional clusters, Meineke has created a very lucrative incentive program.

If you are purchasing more than one automotive franchise, you will pay an initial franchise fee of $15,000 for the second franchised center, $15,000 for the third franchised center, and $10,000 for each additional franchised center. If you own more than one complete auto care franchise and you are in good standing, your royalty fees will be reduced by 75% for the first six months of operation for each additional franchised center.

Multi-Unit pic2016

Who should consider developing multiple centers?

Running multiple centers is not for everyone, but if done right can produce highly scalable and profitable results. Individuals seeking to develop multiple centers must be financially capable and have the ability to execute and deliver upon a negotiated development schedule.  Additionally you must be able to hire and educate staff in a manner that does not require your day to day supervision.

What are the benefits of running multiple centers?

The benefits are countless. Those franchisees that develop regional territories have the ability to leverage staff, purchasing, marketing, fleet management and market share. Some of our strongest franchisees within the system are our multi-unit franchisees.

How do I identify the right market?

Meineke Car Care Centers has developed an extensive geographical tool that analyzes the viability of each market and identifies the optimal areas based on our internal regression model. Our model takes into account; population densities, traffic counts, competition, household income and over one hundred variables that are personal to our business system. If you would like to preview your market, please complete the short form and a Franchise Development Manager will contact you shortly.


Contact us to learn more growth opportunities in your region. Our corporate headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, but we have locations both nationally and internationally.