Franchise Training and Support

From opening your own business to managing the day-to-day accounting of your center, Meineke Car Care Centers provides you with comprehensive training and franchise support for your franchise. We make sure our franchisees are well-equipped for long-term success as partners of Meineke. There is no time like the present to take charge of your future and improve your family’s finances. You don’t need automotive experience to be successful when you get our franchise training.

Effective Franchisee Training System

BrakeTricia&CarlEvery franchisee is given all of the tools they need to succeed. The initial two week training program teaches you all of the management skills you need to run the franchise. We also prepare you for the use and implementation of the programs we give to all of our franchise owners. Technical skill training and management skills from our franchisee training system equip you for a strong future as a franchisee. Soon enough, you will be opening your second location!



Franchise Support Extends Beyond Training

While training is the base of your knowledge, your experience in the field will add to your expertise. We offer ongoing field training so every franchisee maintains their strong connection and belief in the organization. The franchise we support includes benefits such as:

  • Meineke’s Online Intranet: You and your staff get access for more than 70 courses online.
  • Ongoing Training: We have ongoing and in-center franchise training. Franchise owners are invited to bi-annual conventions and periodic training concerning car repair.
  • Protected Territory: When you open your store, you get an agreed upon market with no future infringement by another franchise on your territory. You won’t have to compete with another Meineke store.
  • Marketing: Our company has a multi-million dollar marketing fund that goes towards advertising programs for franchisees.
  • Opening Support: Franchise owners that are approaching their opening dates get help with their start up.carl
  • Purchasing Power: Because you are a franchise that also includes around 1,000 other stores, you are able to buy parts at low prices offered to you by our vendors.
  • Funding Options: Meineke helps you learn about SBA loans, leasing the equipment you need, and other financing options. We work to lower your barriers to entry and help you identify financing.
  • Software Support: Our company has a proprietary software system that is a part of our technology platform. Every franchisee is given the system to manage their business, control marketing, and order products.
  • Meineke Dealer Access: This technology platform gives you the chance to learn about up-to-date technology and keep your edge over other companies in the area.
  • Biz Alerts: Away from the store? No problem! Meineke franchisees can know what is happening at their auto parts franchises, even when they are not there. Center owners can receive emails on their phones or laptops instantly, advising them of key events of the day.
  • Site Selection: From initial site selection to demographic analysis, our experienced real estate team will help you identify a location that meets yours and our requirements. Meineke’s benefits also include opening logistics and support, and assisting you to identify financing opportunities, all of which is designed to reduce the barriers of opening a quality automotive franchise location quickly. Whether purchasing or leasing a new center, our team will help you through the negotiation period.
  • Operations Support:  From opening to day-to-day operations, our team of Franchise Business Consultants are there to support you and help you deliver great, consistent service to your customers. 

The 300% Rule is the true core of our business. As such, improving execution of the 300% Rule is a top operational priority across Meineke. The 300% Rule consists of three elements:

    • Inspecting 100% of the cars that come in to your center
    • Estimating 100% of the findings
    • Presenting 100% of the estimate to the customer

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us to discuss franchise opportunities. Our corporate headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, but we have locations both nationally and internationally.